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Dragon statue in Krakow, Poland
Coffee mug: Motto and motivation
Surprise at the Mountaintop
The implementation project had been compared to many things. A flagship had been navigating through turbulent waters, and more recently it had been called a contact sport to emphasize the close cooperation among IT and business partners. “This is no sprint, its a marathon,” had been heard. Lately, it had turned into a weight lifting exercise and a hiking challenge.
The comparison of an international ERP rollout to mountain climbing was only natural. Both needed lots of preparation, dedication, and discipline during execution. The wind blew heavily into the face and there were moments, where we almost turned back. Along the way, new people came onboard and some left the rope team. Standing up there on the mountaintop, one could feel the relief of having accomplished the goal. Then looking around, one could see an even higher peak in front. In an ever changing environment, one has to prove himself every day anew!
Frankly, I am no mountaineer. Instead, I am a pale theoretician and no climbing enthusiast. And so, if I wave to you from that cross on the summit of a mountain, it is most likely a photomontage. It had taken people some time to adapt to the most intense project schedule of a phased multi-country rollout. As the completion came closer, voices of sadness were heard. In the end, it all came down to the motto: Together we succeeded!
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