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Have you ever felt that there is great room for improvement in international communication? Have you seen people of different backgrounds being entangled in misunderstanding and tried to counteract more or less successfully? Do you want to make a difference and “boldly go where no man has been before?” Then you better not read on, because what I was going to share is about smaller, yet not unimportant steps toward similar goals.
A great way to name a town: Harmony, PA. That's where my international experience got lifted to a new level. Later, also in Melaka, near Kuala Lumpur, we'd discover a Harmony street, where a Mosque is located peacefully right next door to an Indian and a Chinese temple.
A New Book – A Matter of the Heart
Writing as an Outlet. "Ordinary People may have big TVs, but extraordinary people have big libraries," as they say. Reading can be so much fun, as can be writing... The first half of my previous year had been pretty intense. We concluded a regional ERP system rollout and jumped right into discovery of the next, even bigger transformational journey with omni-channel experience. Once more, on late evenings in hotel rooms, I had used writing as an outlet for tension. During a vacation break on the Canary Islands, I lay the finishing touches on my manuscript. What remained open were just the final reviews, including proof reading and some polishing.

Unforeseen Development. Then again, sometimes things happen that one doesn’t expect. “Your life will change from one day to another,” a friendly nurse prepared me for things to come. And she was so right. Maybe she was a clairvoyant. Despite the new focus, it became a goal to finish what I had started: a book full of all those everyday lessons and insights that I had learned somewhere between "Scheibbs and Nebraska," in places that were located between Austria and America; things that I had picked up during many international travels to the United States, Asia, and many European countries all the way to Russia.
Letting Go of Fears. In times of border crossing and demographic change one key goal stands out: to achieve a very successful and rather smooth transition to a future state of tight global cooperation – a new reality that leaves the familiar past behind and a drastic change that frightens many people. Their fear is only a natural reaction to the dealing with the unknown, especially when they are not used to navigating in an international environment. Over time, most informative conversations around the globe got me a bit into thinking. They led me to write a book that actively contributes to the overcoming of communication gaps in global exchange and the letting go of fears.
A Book Full of Findings. The goal was not to raise the pointed finger but rather let the reader discover what to best take away from a piece of literature that is full of little stories, insights, and conclusions from international experience. Notes that I had captured over the years served as a great starting point for the ambitious book project. It was fun and quite a bit of effort to write this volume. And there was one more difference: While my previous books were issued in German language only – and were occasionally quoted by students in Austria and Germany in their Bachelor and Master theses – this time, I would strive for publications of both a local German version and an international English edition.
Krakow’s most famous son, Pope John Paul II, among others honored in a graffiti on a wall. Accumulated over a time period of five years, we must have also spent in total more than one year in the southern Polish metropolis.
The following pages contain pictures taken during events that I wrote about...
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