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Shard of Fun... Bootcamping in London, England

As part of our postgraduate education program, we would visit London for a financial boot camp. The latter describes yet another military expression, in this case a training camp for recruits, and refers to the heavy footwear that would be worn by participants. For us, it was more a matter of experiencing education in one of the world's largest financial centers, and a little bit of sightseeing on the day of arrival. One of the nicest places to walk was the short distance in the Green Park between Buckingham Palace and the Hard Rock Cafe. May our future be as pleasant as this view.
Our sightseeing right after arrival started at Trafalgar Square, where a blue rooster caught our eyes, a sculpture of a "familiar domestic cockerel" by German artist Katharina Fritsch, which was unveiled in 2013.
Buckingham Palace surely is one of the power centers of the city, right next to Downing Street number 10. We did see the Queen even, but unfortunately only on local money bills.
Big Ben (not to be mixed up with Big Bang), the great clock tower next to the House of Parliament, is probably the most famous sight of London. There we experienced one more characteristic of the city: sudden change in weather. As they say: if you don't like the weather, wait for a minute!
Almost as famous as Big Ben is yet another British institution: The red telephone box. In our case it served as a great hiding spot after a visit to a nearby pub, where they had handed us out some hats in the shape of a pint from the recent St. Patrick's Day.
What had always fascinated me in Westminster Abbey was the inscription next to its entrance: "May God grant to the living grace, to the departed rest, to the church & the world peace and harmony, and to us sinners eternal life." Not much to add to this, is there?
What surely changed the silhouette of London is the Shard of Glass right next to London Bridge at the River Thames. Inaugurated in 2012, with its 306 meters of height, for a short time the "architectural triumph or grotesque monstrosity" would be the tallest building in the European Union.
We'd pay tribute to the great statesman Winston Churchill, who is not just famous for his speech from 1940, where he stated: "We shall never surrender!" He is known for many words of wisdom, amongst them being: "No sports!"
In the end, one phrase neatly summarizes the secret of success in challenging times, where one finds himself torn between pressure from postgraduate studies, numerous business trips, and family life: Keep calm! At the business school itself, two "writings on the wall" stood out: The first was a quote by Abraham Lincoln: "The best way to predict your future is to create it!" The second was a Chinese proverb: "The journey is the reward."
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