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A guada Huat (Un buen sombrero en las Islas Canarias)
Promise to Return. To us, Lanzarote had been the memory of vacation far away from the daily hassle, when the kids were still little. We promised to return to the Canary Islands one day, and be it just to have chicken there. Reason being a tour of the volcano island, we had taken back then. It only included looking at the chicken which was roasted on a volcano grill, but not actually eating it. Another time, we had already booked a follow-up vacation on the same island, but then had to cancel due to a work assignment in the States. And so, as fellow countryman Arnold had once put it, we could only say that we'd be back one day.
A Good Hat. And there we were back! So many years later, we'd return to the Canary Islands, finding a beautiful spot on Tenerife. The smell of the sea and the wind brought back fond memories. Four out of five family members made it back, which is not bad at all. There is even a song about that. Or was it called "Two out of three ain't bad...?" Our youngest got a new hat to protect him from the sun. His sister commented: "A guada Huat!"
Summer Vacation Cliché. A family picture under a palm tree on the beach, how much better does it get? A true form of "carpe diem," as the Latin scholar Horaz recommends to seize the day, just like picking a tasty fruit. The name of the Canary Islands is derived from the Latin expression "canariae insulae – islands of dogs," but we didn't see any.
Celebrity Golfing. We had been a bit undecided about the exact destination of our summer vacation, but as soon as we discovered the location Playa de las Américas on Tenerife, we knew where to go!  And so we enjoyed a very relaxing time on the island in good company, and we mixed with local greats over a game of mini golf. Early mornings, when other family members were still resting, provided a good opportunity to lay the finishing touches on a new book.
Summer, Sun & Toothache. One good thing was that it was never boring. Toothache on the day before departure and the short drama of a lost cell phone pin kept us entertained. On a boat trip we saw dolphins, whales, and so many seasick people, including one of our own kin. Sightseeing included a trip to Mount Teide, a volcano on Tenerife that is not just the highest summit on the island but also with its 3718 meters the highest point on Spanish soil.
American Beach Dreams. As we got more and more acquainted with the environment of Playa de las Américas, things began to get more playful, not to say a bit wild. The obligatory sand castle was rather harmless compared to that summer splash in the pool, following the tradition of dwarf toss ("Zwergewerfen") and that hilarious Blues Brother dance at a place going by the name American Dreamz. But as so often, dreams end all too quickly...
Farewell to Los Gigantos. Then it was time to say good-bye to Los Gigantos, the impressive 600 meters high cliff near Masca Bay. One last smoothie, a final walk on the beach next to the tides, which were especially high on the departure day, and then back to reality. One thing occurred to us: We hadn't eaten that volcano grilled chicken yet, it just wasn't on the menu in Tenerife. (Consequently, the above picture was taken earlier in Lanzarote.) Did that mean that we'd have to return to the Canaries once more?
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