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Lindworm in Klagenfurt, Austria
A Remarkable Change Journey
One word is dominating our present and future: Change, which often comes with the fear of the unknown. Being confronted with change, initially, many people see what is being taking away from them rather than what they will get out of it. One's head may agree to the desired future state, but the heart may really want to keep things the way they have always been. Signs of resistance to change may include canteen talk, as an increase in gossip fills in the blanks between the truth and uncertainty. This is why it is so important to win both the mind and the heart for new ideas in order to convince others both intellectually and emotionally.
As Time Goes By comes to mind when thinking of how fast the years have flown by since we had decided for signing up to postgraduate studies. It had been a long way to go, a brader Weg in Austrian dialect. At the same time, it was a self-experiment in practiced change management, conducted in the shadow of the fabulous lindworm, landmark of the university city Klagenfurt, and by coincidence the nickname of an elderly friend with similar surname, who had told me as a young adult that he believed in me.
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