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Who are your heroes? You name them, look up to them, read about them, watch them on TV or in the movies! And then turning back to reality, you are on your own again... Then again, brief encounters with celebreties may occurr. "I can see that you still spend a lot of time on the road, and now also from time to time meet the top world elite – Ich seh schon, Du bist wie immer viel unterwegs, triffst Dich jetzt zwischendurch auch noch mit der Top-Weltprominenz," a friend ironcally commented the same topic.
On our way out of his shopping mall, we bumped into a candidate for the Austrian presidency, who was well-known from society pages. As he addressed my daughter as my wife, laughingly we explained that it was different in our family!
During an autographing session at the anniversary celebration of an apartment complex in the south of Vienna, we could talk to a real soccer legend. We even took the chance to share an old caprice pillow story with him, before it was time to go...
Where Are the Heroes?
Styrian Oak in Hollywood. Among the most popular heroes of the 1980's, there were pop star Falco and movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger. One reached new heights by topping the U.S. charts with the rap song "Rock me Amadeus," the other by playing in action movies in Hollywood. Falco, after a car accident in 1998, was carried by long bearded rockers to his final rest at Vienna's central cemetery, next to music legends like Beethoven and Strauss. When after playing the "Terminator" for the third time, Arnie became "Governator" of California, in his former home country the Governor of Styria herself, performed the popular song: "Steirermen are very good, very, very good for Hollywood!"
Strong Ones. Heroes gotta be strong! That is expected from them by definition, isn't it? What counts the most though is inner strength. The other morning I heard a song on TV, when waiting in a hotel lobby for my brother-in-law to get ready for running a marathon. I would have almost been in it too, as I offered to hand him a banana or something while he was running, but they had catering. Anyway, the chorus would echo in my ears: "Now you tell me, who the strong one is!" "The Strong One" was the first song in Clint Black's career that he did not write himself. He just wanted its message to be heard, which was inspired by a single mother, who chose to make it on her own. In a way, she represents the heroes of our times!
"The Music Box" was filmed on steps on Vendome Street, right off Sunset Boulevard. Visiting the location one fine day in LA, on one of the first steps we discovered a commemorative plaque that remembers Laurel & Hardy's Oscar winning favorite.
Schwarzenegger's impressive hand prints at the "Walk of Fame" on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles, CA. Also in the sixth district of Vienna on the "Street of the Champions" at the Generali Center his prints could be found in good company of numerous Austrian top athletes.
For some time, my boy's career wish was to become assistant of Otto. It an uplifting moment to meet the German comedian in person after a show in the Vienna city hall.. Later, Madame Tussaud arranged a meeting with pop singer Falco... As the story goes, when his manager phoned Falco with the overwhelming news that he had reached number one in America with "Rock me Amadeus," the singer replied: "Buddy, call me later. I have other problems, I have just changed the diapers of my daughter!" In Viennese dialect: "Oida, ruaf mi spaeter an. I hab andere Surgn, i hab naemlich grad mei Tochter gewickelt!" On the same evening, he confessed with tears in his eyes: "No, I cannot be happy about it, because I will never be able to achieve the same again!"
Next let's meet some more celebreties in the House of Wax.
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