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There Are Kangaroos in Austria (after all)
At the Local Kangaroo Farm. It had been somehow incredible to see all the packages from the U.S. that arrived to a post office in Vienna after a slight detour. They came in post bags, all with the stamp "Missent to Melbourne." Only a few months back, there had been a CNN news report about Australia building a fence at the Slovenian border. "Greetings from the other Austria," a colleague from down under had sent me his regards, referring to the common mix-up among Austria and Australia. The local tourism industry would produce t-shirts and baseball caps printed with the slogan: "No Kangaroos in Austria."
Among Rugby Mascots. Then a friend suggested an outing to a kangaroo farm in Bad Vöslau, Lower Austria (famous for its tasty mineral water well). Full of pleasant anticipation, we climbed the Harzberg to see the wallabies. And no, this was not about the Australian national rugby team playing nearby, which carries the same nickname. No worries, mate. It was all about seeing real, genuine kangaroos in Austria!
Seeing Tasmanian Angels. Those were red-necked kangaroos from the Tasmanian Hills, to be exact, which are used to living in colder climes. They were kept in a pen right next to the Kaiser-Franz-Josef-Jubiläumswarte, or should I say Emperor-Francis-Joseph-anniversary-lookout-tower. When it comes to their eating habits  hay, leaves, fruit, vegetables, roots, tree barks  they were described as a cross between a horse and guinea pig, if I noted that down correctly.
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