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At the Lake Corner (Im Seewinkel)
The Nearby Faraway. Why look so far, if such beauty is right before your eyes? After several weeks of business trips, going on family vacation to a local lake sounded like a real alternative to travelling distant realms for the same "sun & swim fun" that would be available nearby. Less travel time would allow for more time to recharge batteries with (solar) power. And so we decided to revisit a special corner of the known world, the Lake Corner in the far east... of Austria.
The nearby faraway: Summertime in Podersdorf at Lake Neusiedl.
Back to the Roots. In summer we would return to Lake Neusiedl, the largest step lake in Central Europe, which is shared between Austria and Hungary and located in the Pannonian lowlands. Occasionally, the Lake Corner is called the "Seaside of the Viennese," but visitors come from all over Austria, Germany and Hungary to enjoy the scenery, the climate, and the beach. The recreation area in sunny Burgenland, the land of castles, is well known for its swimmers, surfers and other water birds in its reed belt.
Row the Boat. And so it was time to revisit Podersdorf at the Lake, its lighthouse, its windmill, its wine taverns, locally known as "Heuriger," and especially its children-friendly beach with its shallow waters. In general, Lake Neusiedl is not very deep and it even had dried out in its entirety some hundred years ago. The latter is still reflected in the joke question: "How does an inhabitant of Burgenland find out that Lake Neusiedl is dried out?" The answer is: "When the row boat kicks up dust!" Anyway, we rented a pedal boat.
Swimming fun in the Podersdorf sun.
Catching a breeze on a scorching summer day at the beach promenade.
Austro-Hungarian Lakeside. Since childhood days we had enjoyed trips to Neusiedler See, literally the Lake at the New Settlement. Which is surrounded by multiple beautiful lakeside resorts, including Moerbisch, Rust, Neusiedl, Breitenbrunn, Illmitz and Podersdorf. In Hungary, the lake is known as Fertoe-to and surrounded by villages with similar names like Fertoerakos and Fertoed, seat of Esterhaza Castle, sister castle of Schloss Esterhazy in Eisenstadt, the Iron City on the other side of the Austrian border. Thanks to Europe, what belongs together is growing together again.
Stork Story. Who laughs last, laughs best and so tit-for-tat responses by locals to "townies," who like to exchange the city heat for some calm moments at Lake Neusiedl, include the following riddle: "What is the difference between a Viennese and a stork?" Resolution: "None, for each of them got a small brain, a big mouth and in summer they are at Lake Neusiedl!" In reality, there is a small competition going on among the villages around the lake, where the first stork would return to after the cold winter season, and on which roof it would nest... and in which place more tourists would land.
At the iron gates of Esterhaza Castle...
...on a joyride across the border to Fertoed, Hungary.
Stork nesting on a chimney in Illmitz  all babies delivered.
One-and-a-half century old windmill in Podersdorf.
But for now let's say good-bye to the lonely stork on the rooftop, to the nearby faraway down on the corner, to sunny, sweat-drenched beaches and refreshing grape juice spritzers. And to that fly, which was hitchhiking in our car almost all the way home.
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