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Fascinating Travel
Going back to New York City for the first time in more than twenty years was as adventerous as can be.
London's calling, not just for a bootcamp in one of its famous business schools but also for great sightseeing.
Going places overseas, ocassionally one stumbles over something very familiar, like a number of Viennas.
Swimming at Lake Neusiedl is a classic. Not by mistake, it is called the "Sea of the Viennese."
Minimundus allows visits to the Eiffel Tower, the White House, and the Chinese Wall, all in one day.
Recurring mix-up among Austria and Australia led to a slogan, which suddenly appears to be outdated. 
A familiar place stands for one's roots and for one more thing... having a good time feeding ducks!

A simple picture of the balcony below the clouds enriches our page about inspiration next to a busy poem.
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