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Missing the exit towards the Munich airport on highway no. 9, in between the Crossing Newdriving (Kreuz Neufahrn) and Allhousing (Allershausen), you will find the river "Amper." It had been laughingly explained to me that the river's name was Afrikaans for "Almost." Tired after work, years later I got lost again and used this opportunity to take a picture of the infamous river sign.
A sign of tolerance: Walking figures at a pedestrian traffic light in Vienna.
Their forty-percent increase in lit surface positively impacts pedestrian behavor.
The newly opened Krakow airport would have a drop off lane labeled "Kiss & Fly" – but no longer than five minutes, we were advised by a driver!
A Word about Logos
Trademark Message. A logo can be helpful. It may support later recollection and up to transport messages and trigger association. The Gospel of John starts with "In the beginning was the Word." A translation of the Greek "en arche ein ho logos," where "logos" actually stands for more. It has a range of meanings from the thought "idea" to the spoken "word" up to the underlying "logic." Private family crests and commercial signboards had been early forms of identifiers. Logotypes on the other hand came up to speed up the setting process with printing, by casting frequently used letter combinations into one type (ligature). Over the years, logos developed as combinations of letters and graphics. In modern times they are found almost everywhere, be it on product labels or letter heads, advertisements or websites.
Eye Catcher. Good logos catch the eye. They should not be too complicated to be easier remembered and reproduced, capable for "enlightening" as neon signs, while remaining distinctive. Under the aspect of marketing and branding, logos of sub-brands may carry variations and quotations of the mega brand inside, just as it is possible to play with logos by adding seasonal influences, such as snow on it's letters, as long as not overlaying the unmistakable appearance. Especially the top of letters has to remain intact, for during reading we mostly recognize the ascenders. The topography of typography has to remain clear. Hearing a speech about logos, I would try to consider this aspect, when thinking up the first logo for this website (and its variations found at the end of this page).
Identification Point. Sometimes we say "logo" as a short form of logical, a standard answer when everything is clear. Using some imagination, a logo should sum up values it stands for (besides dynamic, positive and future oriented as most common requirements to its design) and be something to identify with. This is why a logo can be helpful as one of the first things to brainstorm on when setting up and scoping a big project. As an example, nearby you will find my take on a certain sticker, found on most PCs. Back then, the Euro currency was introduced in quite a few European markets at the same time, for accounting purposes with the beginning of the fiscal year. A logo can be a typeset, a color, a sign, an angle meant to describe goals. To reflect on those isn't a bad idea anyway. What could your logo look like?
Of Signs and Crosswalks
Ped X-Ing Couple? In the maelstroms of the European Song Contest, organized under the motto "Building Bridges," a number of pedestrian traffic lights in the city center of Vienna would reflect the same tolerance-message by displaying pairs of stick figures next to love hearts. A study found that their higher visibility reduces the number of people, who cross the street on a red light, by nearly twenty-percent. The controversial Viennese same-gender "Ampelpärchen – traffic-light couples" gained international attention and the idea was taken over by several other cities, including Salzburg, Munich, Frankfurt, and Berlin. Speaking of road signs, the symbol of merging lanes surely is my favorite sign. Just another street sign in America, like many others, and still something like a symbol for things coming together. Going over to the U.S. for the first time, I remember that the sign "PED X-ING" sounded somewhat Chinese to me, while really just being an abbreviation for Pedestrian Crossing. In Disneyland we would discover a variation of the same sign, saying "TOON X-ING." Cartoons crossing the street!
Zee for Zebra? "Ped xing" in China really is "Xing Ren Jiao Cha Lu," literally "walker junction across street," where "xing" stands for walking. In Britain, you say "zebra crossing" for crosswalk. Also in German it is called "Zebrastreifen – zebra stripes" and there is this dispute whether a zebra is just a horse after lying down on a freshly painted pedestrian walk... similar to the Mandarin word for zebra: "Ban-ma," striped horse. And "zebra" is a good example for different pronunciation in British and American English. At the end of their Alphabet Song the singing English teachers Danny & Gerry dispute, whether it is "zee" for "zeeebra" (US) or "zed" for "zaebbra" (GB).
Street sign for an Amish horse carriage in New Wilmington, Pennsylvania.
An ambiguous sign in Krakow, Poland: "Effective globally from 00-24 o'clock!"
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