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A Year in Review
2016 was a year of reorientation. Our kids made another step into work life, wore a traditional "Dirndl"-dress to Folk festivals, became vegan, played soccer and "Pokemon Go." A twenty year anniversary at work marked the start of another large transformation program. Visiting a lovely Deep Purple concert was impacted by a "Delhi belly" from a recent India trip. We enjoyed day trips with friends, saw kangaroos in Austria, returned to the Mozart-town Salzburg and to the Canary Islands for a beautiful beach vacation. There, I also mostly finished writing my new book, collecting all those little stories from travelling different corners of the world. Sometimes things happen that one doesn't expect. And so autumn brought a sudden change in priorities. More on that later though...
2015 had been a year of endings and new beginnings. A difficult start included saying good-bye to a close friend, who succumbed to his illness, and supporting the children in times of severe school stress. Half way through, things started turning around. Our eldest's first summer job worked out really well, and vacation time did its part to ease the situation. Our youngest would enter primary school and there was a reunion with a relative, whom we hadn't seen in a while. The end of the year saw a multi-year-multi-country project wrapping up as well as a leadership certification. Finally, we enjoyed new pets and the outcome of a family photo shooting session.
2014 had been an eventful year, and that is probably the understatement of the year. Motivation to win came among others from a family trip to New York City and the near MBA graduation, which was followed by another book publication. At home, kids would be increasingly challenged by the high demands in the bilingual high school, requiring more support and patience, as my wife just started a new part-time job. At work, two major project launches could be accomplished with "all hands on deck." Right after giving a speech in Berlin, an infection in Moscow led to hospital admission in Vienna, with recovery, return, and the tooth fairy coming to our youngest marking the end of a truly eventful year.
Let's now check out an event concluding the year: Christmas.
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