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It's a Small World
Some people are small, others have grown taller. Some people like to think of themselves as giants in more ways than one. Others just feel confused, when they encounter the rare occasion that they may look down at something. Some sights are enormous, and one may even trip on the sidewalk, while craning his or her stiff neck in awe. Others are tiny, possibly just miniature copies of the real things. But as prices for plane tickets keep increasing, why not just visit one place, where you could have all the fantastic monuments of human civilization in one spot? And get a different perspective by studying them from above instead of way below. So we made it to "Minimundus," the small world in Carinthia, the southernmost Austrian province, a theme park by the charity organization "Save the Children." There we saw it all, from the Indian Taj Mahal to the Chinese Wall. We revisited Sagrada Familia, the unfinished dome of Barcelona, as well as New Swan Stone, the Bavarian Cinderella Castle, the White House in Washington D.C. and even the Hollywood sign in Los Angeles. Finally, we made it as close as we might ever get to the Acropolis from Athens, which wasn't closed that afternoon. Right besides St. Peter's Square in Vatican City there was St. Stephen's Cathedral, landmark of Vienna, and even – who would have thunk – the Haydn Church from the Iron City. Precise models, which are as much as possible built with original material on a scale of 1:25, opened us new aspects from a different angle. Unfortunately, the seven dwarfs were not home and neither was Snow White.
America all-in-one: From Liberty Island in New York City, via Pennsylvania Avenue with the White House in Washington D.C. all the way to the West Coast with the famous Hollywood sign on top of L.A. It felt strange seeing all those sights again, just one week after meeting President Obama himself on a rainy afternoon in the Vienna Prater amusement park. But visiting Waxwork celebrities is a different story.
Eiffel Tower & Sagrada Familia: From Gustave Eiffel's Parisienne steel tower it is just a short walk to Antoni Gaudi's never-ending church construction set in Barca. Not to forget the nearby Reptile Zoo with that alive snake necklace for our brave youngest!
The impressive Great Wall of China is said to be the only human structure that can be seen from space. In case you make it up there, remember!
For quite some time we enjoyed model trains coming in and out of the railway station of the local pilgrimage place "Mary Misery (Maria Elend)."
It's a small world, isn't it? Only in "Minimundus" you can walk over from Vienna's St.Stephen's Cathedral right onto St.Peter's Square in Rome. With Waterloo & Robinson: "I just love my little world, I don't need no new sensations!" Do you?
We felt like giants right out of Jonathan Swift's "Gulliver's Travels," as we took a seat in the grass next to the familiar Haydn Church of the Iron City. Sure, we often feel like giants, but this time is was special.
The Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy, on the other hand could use some support. The revealing world education ranking "Pisa report" comes to mind, which supposedly has inspired a pupil to the legendary statement: "Who cares about Pisa, I don't want to go to France, anyway!"
Not too far away, in full size, there is the statue of the Lindworm and its dragon slayer, landmark of the city of Klagenfurt, capital of Carinthia at the Words Lake (or how would you translate Woerthersee properly). Anyway, enough talk for now, or in short: 'Nuff said!
The next page collects impressions from the Canary Islands.
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