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The Leopoldine Temple: "So schön ist's bei uns – So beautiful it is here," a neighbor-friend commented the above view.
The (only) Temple
Memorial Site. The Leopoldine Temple in Eisenstadt, the Iron City in the east of Austria, is one of these small attractions you may find all over, if you only look for them. This one was erected by French architect Charles Moreau in 1806 in the Esterhazy Palace Gardens, in honor of late Princess Leopoline. When the pond in front was re-installed, the meadow, where we had played soccer as kids, had to go. Nearby picture was taken on our way to the annual Wine Tasting Festival. Following the Latin motto "carpe diem  savor the day," (Right sized-) Indulgement Days on the main street would replace the unprofitable event.
Vintage Funfair. But when all is lost, there is still hope. Maybe the future will bring back the much-heralded "Festival of 1000 Wines" as an event in the beautiful palace gardens. In times of wellness, spa and delicacy, also our favorite down-to-earth beer pub would develop into a gourmet temple and take the all-time favorite goulash-soup off the menu. The classic  song comes to mind: "We're out of roast veal, we're out of roast pork, but luckily the chestnut roaster stands just in front of the house!" And so there is always a shift toward something new as a result of change nature and ongoing city development.
Jumping of joy in front of Esterhazy Palace and ducks ice skating in front of Leopoldine Temple.
Princess Tale. How many times have we walked through the park by the Leopoldine Temple? Dedicated to Princess Leopoldine Esterhazy, her statue was erected inside in 1821. For this purpose neo-classical artist Antonio Canova had portrayed the duke's daughter as a muse. A copy of it is still in there. Representing another figure of the Greek mythology, this one lives on in the saying that someone has been kissed by a muse, when being inspired for a creative process. The same Italian sculptor became famous for his marble statue "Eros en Psyche – Cupid and Psyche."
Nicest View. The Palace Gardens are located behind Esterhazy Castle, which can be seen from the pond around the Leopoldine Temple. Notably, the highest building in town peeks out next to the castle, another example of postmodern architecture in form of a multi-story apartment building. A friend used to joke, the nicest view in town you'd have from the top of the highest building, the "Hochhaus," as a tall building is called in German language, because then you don't see the same.
The Leopoldine Temple in the Esterhazy Palace Gardens, also known as "Schlosspark" or "Hofgarten," in Eisenstadt, the Iron City and capital of the most eastern Austrian province.
Walking through the park with open eyes you may discover little miracles such as an ordinary frog. On second thought, froggy looked rather impressive...
Haydn Quote. Obviously, the Iron City is well-known as home and last rest of classical composer Joseph Haydn. One of the nicest quotes about music originates from Haydn, who is buried in the Haydn Church in Eisenstadt, the Austrian Iron City. Asked about his foreign language skills, when leaving Vienna for an engagement in London in late 1790, the Austrian composer would point out the internationalism and universalism of his music: "My language is understood throughout the world!”
Haydn Wine. Haydn's thin, sad string quartet of 1797 was to become the grandiose Austrian Emperor's Hymn: "God preserve, God protect Our Emperor, our country." Underlaid with new lyrics, the melody still serves as the German National Anthem. In a typical wine area, it was only a matter of time until a Haydn wine called "The Creation" was created to honor the composer, and in a street behind the Haydn Church on a house front there is a portrait of the master himself with a glass of wine.
View from the Gloriette over the Iron City and the tallest building in town all the way to Hungary.
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