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Kittsee is about the last parish before crossing the Austrian-Slovak border toward Bratislava. Behind its cemetery, Chikago Street was founded by Austrian remigrants as a homage to the Illinois megapolis. Its crossing streets are numbered "Chikago 1. Gasse" to "7. Gasse."
The tiny community of Vienna, Michigan, one of many tributes to European cities. Next to all the Warsaws, Bethlehems, Athens, and other famous places that inspired new settlements in North America, it is especially the Austrian capital that got nearly thrity twin towns overseas.
International Déjà Vu
Bond's Most Liveable City. The Austrian cities Vienna and Salzburg had been ranking among the most popular travel destinations for Americans, following three Italian cities. Vienna has topped the global Mercer Quality of Living Survey for years. I really began to realize the fame of Vienna during one of these rare occasions of going to a video store near the final stop of the streetcar number forty-two, across from the Post sports field and a streetcar garage, locally referred to as "Remise." The clerk made me aware that the same street corner was visible in the James Bond movie "The Living Daylights!" There, Vienna even appeared twice. Once posing for Bratislava and then once again posing for itself.
United States of Vienna. From a book I would learn about the ten largest Viennas in the U.S., so I found out there were at least ten cities or villages with the same name. After touring Detroit and in its one street-Greek town eating my first Souflaki in years, we would again go to a place with a very familiar name. But the local metropolis of Vienna, Michigan, turned out to be just one single road in Erie. A few houses and one railroad crossing blocked by a train, which was almost keeping us from seeing the city we had expected behind it. But there wasn't much to see, really. Anyway, Vienna is quite a popular city name in the U.S. Below you will find a listing of the Viennas that I discovered online...
In Los Angeles we discovered a hot dog chain called "Wienerschnitzel (Viennese cutlet)."
The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile, on display in the Henry Ford Museum, Detroit, Michigan.
Here Is a List of Viennas in the United States:
  • 1. Vienna (Georgia, Dooly County, south of Macon) population 3,000
  • 2. Vienna (Illinois, Johnson County, south of Carbondale) population 1,230
  • 3. Vienna (Kansas, Pottawatomie County, north of Topeka, near Onaga) population 90
  • 4. Vienna (Louisiana, Lincoln Parish, west of Monroe, near/in Dubach) population 420
  • 5. Vienna (Maine, Kennebec County, west of Waterville and China) population 530
  • 6. Vienna (Maryland, Dorchester County, between Cambridge and Salisbury) population 280
  • 7. Vienna (Michigan, Monroe County, north of Toledo, Community of Vienna in Erie) population around 60
  • 8. Vienna (Missouri, Maries County, south of Jefferson City) population 630
  • 9. Vienna (aka Great Meadows-Vienna, New Jersey, Warren County, west of Parsippany-Troy Hills, between Great Meadows and Hackettstown) population 1,260
  • 10. Vienna (New York State, Oneida County, between Syracuse and Rome) population 5,820
  • 11. Vienna (North Carolina, Forsyth County, west of Winston-Salem) population 12,000
  • 12. Vienna (aka Vienna Center, Ohio, Trumbull County, north of Youngstown) population 1,000
  • 13. South Vienna (Ohio, Clark County, east of Springfield) population 470
  • 14. Vienna (South Dakota, Clark County, north of Sioux Falls, between Naples and Willow Lake) population 80
  • 15. Vienna (Texas, Lavaca County, between San Antonio and Houston, near/in Hallettsville) population 40
  • 16. Vienna (Virginia, Fairfax County, also a subway station west of Washington D.C., further below is Vienna Woods as well) population 14,450
  • 17. Vienna (West Virginia, Wood County, near Parkersburg) population 10,850
  • 18. Vienna (Wisconsin, Dane County, north of Madison, near/in DeForest) population 1,300
  • 19. Vienna (Alabama, Pickens County, between Jackson and Birmingham, near/in Aliceville, at the intersection between Vienna Road and Upper Vienna Road; also New Hope in Madison County was originally called Vienna) population 0, ghost town
  • 20. Vienna (Idaho, Blaine County) population 0, ghost town
  • 21. New Vienna (Iowa, Dubuque County, east of Dubuque) population 400
  • 22. New Vienna (Ohio, Clinton County, between Columbus and Cincinnati, east of Martinsville) population 1,300
  • 23. Vienna Township (Indiana, Scott County, south of Indianapolis, between Scottsburg and Underwood) population 9,200
  • 24. Vienna Township (Michigan, Montmorency County, east of Gaylord, M-32 E Vienna Corners, between Johannesburg and Bigelow, near/in Lewiston) population 570
  • 25. Vienna Charter Township (Michigan, Genesee County, off I-75 half way between Flint and Saginaw, south of Frankenmuth, near/in Clio) population 13,100
  • 26. Vienna Township (Minnesota, Rock County, east of Sioux Falls, near/in Luverne) population 180
  • 27. Vienna Township (Ohio, Trumbull County, north of Youngstown, cities in this township include the above listed Vienna Center) population 4,000
  • 28. Vienna, Canada (Ontario, Elgin County, south of London, together with Port Burwell the village of Vienna is part of the expanded township of Bayham) population 480
  • 29. Wien (Wisconsin, Marathon County, west of Wausau, south of Athens) population 780

...and probably there are even more. Let me just encourage all who by chance stumble over this outrageous collection, to e-mail me information on their closest Vienna nearby, be it in the heart of Michigan, Virginia, or elsewhere.
Admiring the Austrian room in Pittsburgh's Cathedral of Learning (modeled after the Haydn Hall in Eisenstadt, Austria), finding Vienna Township in Ohio (one in a long range of places paying tribute to the Austrian capital), and enjoying Vienna beef in Chicago, Illinois (not Kittsee).
The next page contains a Composition of pictures of good ol' Vienna.
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