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In the White House (with waxed curtains)
White House of Wax. At last, we had the chance to see the American President in person. He warmly welcomed us in his Oval Office in the White House. It wasn't the "white room with black curtains," which Eric Clapton had mentioned in one of his songs. Obviously, there was a crowd waiting behind, and so we could only spend a few seconds at his desk next to him. He wasn't very talkative, but he surely gave us his famous smile, which was even more shiny today, almost as if it was made of.. wax! Which could also explain his quietness on that rainy afternoon in Vienna.
Prominent Company. Are you eager to be among celebrities, almost for real? For sure, there is a thin film of wax over their glamorous shapes, or are they just look-alike puppets? After a couple nice weeks, rainy weather found us again, and so we took the opportunity to visit the newly opened "House of Wax" in the fun part of Vienna, the Prater Amusement Park. At the local branch of Madame Tussaud's wax figure cabinet we discovered lots of people, whom we always wanted to meet, and they for sure were eager to make our acquaintance, as well. Although, they didn't show it much.
Empress Maria Theresa of Austria welcomes the visitors of Vienna's House of Wax. She had lots of children, but unfortunately we are no direct descendants. One of us at one time worked in a street of same name, where on a regular basis letters were addressing the company: "Dear Maria Theresa...," no kidding.
Using his stunning method of psychoanalysis, Dr. Sigmund Freund inspected our kids on his famous couch. And he was not delighted about his findings: A fairly advanced case of computer gamia, paired with Wii-itis. His recommended treatment: Lots of school and sports!
As so often, Alfred Hitchcock made us scream. Watch the kids behind the shower curtain from the suspense-movie "Psycho."
Albert Einstein looked "relatively" confused, when we posed with him like old buddies in maths. But he endured us calmly.
In the Oval Office, U.S. President Obama honored his famous family abroad by granting a personal audience and sharing his long-term plans to stabilize Austria and the rest of the world. In return, he smilingly received the promise that the kids would support a McDonald's drive-thru on their way back and feed French fries to the youngest until he'd fall asleep.
Freddy Mercury got surrounded by a new band replacing "Queen," consisting of some really good, long haired musicians. Luckily, he didn't live to see this!
The girls would surround Michael Jackson to join him on the Moonwalk, singing "Thriller" and other famous pop hymns, such as "Eat It." Or was that "Beat It?"
What a feeling it must have been to have "Nespresso"-coffee with George Clooney, the prettiest man alive. He probably felt the same way...
Then again, Angelina Jolie felt cold and it was raining outside, so some gentleman offered her his coat and awaited a smile of her full lips in return.
Arm-in-Arm with Celebrities. Celebrities have made it. People look up to them and take picture with their wax figures. Maybe something rubs off? If one has great goals and ambitions, he or she better persistently holds on to them. For it may be like with an umbrella. When you take one with you, it surely doesn't start to rain. And if you don't have the umbrella with you that day, you will end up soaking wet. Also, you may have to wait forever for that chance to come in this life. But when one gives up, a chance may arise just half a year later, and you wouldn't even know. 
There Is No Luck. In peculiar situations, it is questionable, what to do. Whether to sacrifice dreams too early or suffer maybe a lifetime? To let go the nearly impossible or to continue believing in the faintest chance? Some people have a "toad in the pocket (Krot im Saeckel)," as a nice Viennese saying describes being lucky. In a more abstract context, luck is understood as the occasion where opportunity meets preparedness. Sometimes you have to be ready to take chances! However, to quote a colleague: "There is no luck. There is just knowledge, commitment, and experience!"
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