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Some things ring a bell... like that radio in retro-look and that breakfast bread with homemade apricot jam. Rituals help create a sense of home, even when away from home.
Parallels, Similarities,
Lookalikes and Déjà Vu
...and other things that are hard to spell form the topic of this page.
Does this page ring a bell? Anything that seems familiar, something that you recognize, but can't quite place?
Reluctant Replay. Brand-new, out now, available soon… sound familiar? Killer slogans promote products as the never-seen-before and better-than-ever, groundbreaking, next best thing since the ingenious invention of the wheel (and the book). At second glance, the most mind-blowing innovation may reveal itself as ruthless repetition of been-there-before ideas in a new outfit, old wine in new skins. What matters is the unprecedented application of the creative variation.
Regular Repetition. History is said to repeat itself and also we do similar things once in a while. To highlight similarities is the purpose of this page. Showing what is paralleling each other, possibly years later. One of the most difficult spelling words at schools as a catch phrase for pictures that belong together, just as some people do. It all started with a picture of my daughter pulling a wagon in the middle of these endlessly wide open spaces overseas.
And there was the same girl pulling the same wagon ...a couple months later!
Happy family moments ...and the circle grew over time!
The bubble bath baby grew into a young boy... 
Time Flies. Just as pulling that wagon in beautiful Pennsylvania had become a family tradition, a number of before and after images reveal the quick passing of time. And so one may want to pause in awe and revisit long forgotten moments together that suddenly resurface like a déjà vu.
Anticipating World Cup and Champions League finals.
From a Viennese Cafe breakfast in L.A.
And these cards all seem to say: You can leave your hat on!
On the next page, take some time for a few clam Moments.
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